Graduated from the Social Psychology Studies at Tel Aviv University, Tali is

an independent measurement and evaluation consultant for educational and social issues.


From 2004 to 2018 she served as VP and Head of Measurement and Evaluation Division at CET (Center for Educational Technology). This position entailed leading the development and implementation of products and services (including online) for large-scale assessment, as well as spearheading the process of evaluating the effectiveness of programs in the educational and social fields.


Previous positions: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality – Establishment and management of the Planning and Evaluation Unit of the Education and Culture Administration, a role that included the evaluation of the education system's results and the construction of the municipal work plan in formal and informal education, based on the findings of the evaluations; Ministry of Education – Senior Researcher in the Evaluation and Measurement Unit, a role that included coordinating teams that evaluated educational programs nationwide, as well as participating in the development and implementation team of a school evaluation system in Israel; Mandel School of Educational Leadership – Managing the practical experience of the program's fellows in various organizations, including preparing them for the experiences and acquiring tools for their documentation and processing; "Kedma" village for youth at risk – Membership in the village's establishment group, leading selection processes for employees and youth, and development of training programs for the team. In recent years – membership in the village board.

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