Founder of the Democratic Schools, the first one founded in Hadera in 1987.

In 1993 he established the IDEC - International Democratic Education Conference, which convenes every year on a different continent. IDEC has facilitated the establishment of hundreds of innovative democratic schools around the globe, 30 of them in Israel. 

In 1996, following the assassination of Israel’s prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yaacov Hecht founded IDE - the Institute for Democratic Education, whose goal is to integrate democratic and innovative processes in Israeli public schools.

In 2010 he founded Education Cities – the Art of Collaborations that weaves together and maintains municipal collaborations that aim to turn the city into “one big school”.

Today, Yaacov's work in Education Cities is wide-ranging and comprehensive, covering all levels of education: In the classroom, in schools, in the city, nationwide and across the world.

Yaacov knows how to harness innovative technology so as to form a network of collaborative education. How2MOOC model is a good example of this process. 

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